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Static Combi Cleaner

Eltex Static Combi Cleaner -

Cleaning of three-dimensional surfaces

Most plastic and synthetic materials in use today have a very strong tendency to create static surface charges, with the effect that the surfaces have a similarly powerful tendency to attract air-borne particles. This can result in major problems and loss of quality during certain processes. Eliminating dust and dirt settling on three-dimensional and structured surfaces with conventional methods is notoriously difficult. Due to their geometry, components such as product carriers that are in continuous revolving operation are also very difficult to clean down. The dynamic ionizing blower station has been specially developed for applications such as these.

Mode of function

Ionizing bars attached at the inlet and outlet point neutralize the plastic surfaces. The patented variable-speed rotary nozzles mounted inbetween capture the particles carrying static charges and propel them in the direction of the extraction channel where they are eliminated safely and thoroughly. The integrated variable-speed control of the cleaning nozzles keeps an even and pressure-independent rotary speed that, in turn, guarantees a consistent and excellent cleaning result with its pulsating and highly efficient air cleaning effect. Rotary speed and air velocity can be adapted to optimized cleaning requirements.

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